Our goal is to always put the client first. We are not dedicated to any one lender and will source our network of over 15 different primary and secondary lenders to provide your project with the terms and conditions that provide the client with the best options. We’ve been on the other side of the desk (lender) and know the process of obtaining commercial financing can be frustrating and stringent. Our value proposition to clients is to simplify this process; let us roll up our sleeves and carry the heavy weight, so you the client can focus on running your business.

First, we look to fully understand the client’s needs. We then have them complete our disclosure agreement and submit an initial ask to selected lenders based on the project and generate options for consideration. Once our borrowers select the suitable option and formally engage us, we prepare a fee engagement arrangement.

Transaction speed is critical to a funding agreement and allows the borrower to take advantage of market conditions. Access to a broad range of funding sources is crucial to securing financing with competitive terms and optimized loan structuring. Our due diligence, underwriting and analysis is designed to expedite the lender’s review and understanding of the financing request, saving our borrowers time, while minimizing interest rate risk, and covenant exposure. We know the market, we know the lenders and we strive to know our client’s business.

Our business model is founded on the belief that competitive bid tension is necessary to ensure that the final loan options selected solely by the borrower are competitive and attractive. The final financing commitment must fully satisfy the borrower’s needs and expectations in terms of loan amount, recourse, interest rate, amortization, and flexibility.

Upon borrower acceptance of the financing commitment, we supervise and manage the closing process alongside the required solicitor and other professionals to ensure all conditions precedent to funding are fully satisfied in a timely manner. It is our objective to ensure that the loan is funded on an expedited basis and on time.